Espresso Ex prioritizes delivering an expansive and secure trading environment, striving to maintain compatibility with a multitude of digital assets while harnessing the most reliable oracle services. Currently, Espresso Ex encompasses all digital assets that are compatible with Chainlink, ensuring our platform remains robust and versatile. Beyond this, we've incorporated a variety of assets available on major centralized exchanges, including Binance and Coinbase, widening our offering to users.

Price Security Measures

Espresso Ex takes the integrity of trading on decentralized platforms seriously, where assets that do not trade on conventional exchanges may face specific risks. To counteract these risks and defend our community of traders and liquidity providers against possible market volatility and manipulation, Espresso Ex has implemented an advanced price security feature.

When our users engage in transactions with such assets, they will be met with a clear warning indicator next to the asset's price. With price security activated, the trading price is not immediately reflective of the Oracle's reported price. Rather, it is determined using a safeguarded approach that adopts the lesser value between the Oracle's price and the Time-Weighted Average Price over the preceding 30 blocks. This methodology enhances the resilience of our pricing mechanism, fostering a safer trading landscape for all our platform participants.

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