Fees Allocation

veCOF holders and EXLP stakers can earn protocol income and COF rewards.

Protocol Income Allocation:

The protocol income collected from trading fees will be allocated as follows:

Total Protocol Income × 80%: × 50% Allocate for veCOF holders

Total Protocol Income × 80%: × 50%Allocate for COFLP stakers

Total Protocol Income × 20%: Purchase COFLP and add as protocol-owned liquidity

COF Rewards Allocation

1,000 COF will be distributed to veCOF holders and EXLP stakers daily, allocated as follows:

1000 × (1-veRate): Allocate for EXLP stakers

veRate is the COF staking ratio

veRate = veCOF Total Supply / COF Circulating Supply

The rest will be allocated for veCOF holders

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